Our Outdoor Bar - East Lothian and Edinburgh areas

Outdoor Bar Services use portable black bars for all our events which have been customised to suit us. Although the bars are mobile we can still provide draught beers and lagers.


We only use branded spirits and all are served with a 35ml measure. The wine selection is Shiraz, Sauvignon blanc and White Zinfandel but that can be changed to suit your event. With the increase in Scottish Craft gins we now stock over 20, from as far north as Shetland and south to Hawick and the list is increasing. We also stock Scottish vodkas as well as a large selection of malt whisky.


You can choose from a cash bar where your guests pay for their own drinks or you can prepay an amount so your guests can enjoy a "free bar".


We do not charge to come to an event.

We have Belhaven Best, and Tennents Lager on draught. Any particular requests for other beer can usually be met.

Outdoor Bar with Fridge